Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And finally some poker...BRAG

Sunday night was a late one (thanks Mrs P) as I made 19th out of 11,152 in the Full Tilt Poker "Double Deuce" competition. I was bitterly disappointed getting knocked out when my KKwas beaten by AA after 6-7 hours of very disciplined poker. The $580 prize money wasn't to be sneezed at but I had my heart set on first for $33,000.

Screen shot from deep in the tourney.

G2...attack of the vegetables!

Perhaps the most exciting news is the beginning of G2...the vegetable garden. Jackie, the bloke upstairs, kindly agreed to allow me to clear his land and use it for a vegetable garden. Today marked the turning of the first sod. Man my back is killing me!


Stay tuned for more in the cheap drunks series!

Operation garden

Having moved into the new place a couple of months ago now Mrs P. Taswegain and myself have been hard at work improving the garden. As you can see from the before and after photos there has been a great deal of progress. The corn is progressing nicely and is now knee high and we have just transferred some 'erbs from our that we brought from the old house into the garden here.


Sowing of the lawn.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The pokertaswegian is back

After a long absence I have decided to restart the pokertaswegian. Holidays kick ass!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cheap drunks 2: Best wines for under £5

Empangeni girl grabbed this cheeky saffa white like Percy Montgomery taking the ball outta the scrum. We bought both the red and the white from Tescos for £4.99 each.

A cheeky 2007 Sauvignon blanc from South Africa's Western cape region. Who knows enough to argue if you use terms like "fresh acidity" and "a hint of citrus"? Goes well with salads or seafood.

Empangeni girl says: "Moorish" (she is a bit pre-ocupied this evening).

Drinkability factor: *** Leg opener factor: ##

$172-$10,000 challenge

Okay. My new resolution is to post more often. At least 3 times a week. I know I said the $172-$10,000 challenge was dead but I am pressing on ...with much courage.

So here is my graph to date. Had a bit of a blowout a couple of weeks ago, although have made a partial recovery overt eh past couple of days. I am playing 0.5/1.00 under rolled.

These posts will possible coincide with the cheap drunks series because I will most likely play at this lower level when a bit pissed rather than spunking off £800 in a night being a tipsy calling station.

Anyway here is a graph of the $172-$10,000 challenge so far:

Carbon Poker Freeroll
On Sunday I played in the Carbon poker $10,000 freeroll. They have on every week. I played really well and managed to make it to 11th out of about 950 players. Got one lucky hand along the way where I sucked out with A5 against AK but apart from that I played well. Was nicely positioned towards the end being 3rd in chips at one stage but then my lack of tourney experience shone through and I lost all my chips in 4 hands.